How to make a mazy salad

How to make a mazy salad

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Clean and dry a Mason Jar. I chose a smaller "side salad" size, but your jar size will be dictated by your appetite size or if you want to make enough to share at a picnic.

This is where you can have a little fun picking your fav salad mix. I picked basic salad fixings (Italian dressing, carrots, red cabbage, cucumbers, mixed greens, cheese and croutons). Note the order.

Clean and chop your veggies. And set them side - do not mix the ingredients together.

LAYERING is the most important part to this and the reason I put this in a Mason Jar. These jars are a great container for layering and segmenting ingredients.

The trick is being able to add your dressing in the morning AND keep ingredients crunchy. Notice that I added dressing and my "hard veggies" like carrots and red cabbage, first (at the bottom).

Next I layer in my "not so hard veggies" like cucumbers. You could also add beans or corn at this layer.

Important to add your romaine or spinach (leafy veggies) on the top layer. This will ensure that they are not touched by the dressing - Wilt-Protection!

Add cheese, croutons, nuts or craisins to the very top.

My Jar contains Fat-Free Italian Dressing, carrots, red cabbage, cucumbers, romaine, feta and croutons.

Press the lid down and tighten. Mason Jars are virtually spill proof, but I recommend not tilting your jar or turning it upside down until you're ready to eat. Remember there's dressing at the bottom!

TIP: grab one of those bracelet bands you got at that walk/event (one at the bottom of your drawer). Wrap it around the top of the jar to identify your salad in the fridge a fashion-forward Mazy Salad

When the band is on, slide your utensils in place. This will allow you to use re-useable silverware as opposed to the disposable stuff (kinder to the environment).

If you're like me, lunch is whenever you can get it. Grab your Mazy Salad and keep it moving. Everything is in one re-useable container. And it's crunchy until you're ready to eat it.

TIP: turn your salad jar upside down, pour it on a plate and all the fixings mix together with the dressing.

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