How to make sausage rolls

How to make sausage rolls

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Varm milk to 37 degrees celcius in a sauce pan

Put the milk in a bowl and add the yeast. Mix it together.

Add egg, sugar, salt, junket and milk.

Add the flour a little at a time while you are mixing it.

Knead the Dough till its Nice and smooth.

Put the dough in to the bowl again. Cower the bowl with a dishcloutch and place it a varm place for an hour.

Set the oven on 225 degrees celcius

Roll it out

Cut some triangels

Mix half tomatopaste half ketchup

Put the mix on the triangels

Put the sausage on and roll the dough around

Pensl with egg

Drissel with the sesam seeds

Bake for 10 min

Enjoy varm

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