How to prepare hookah (shisha) for beginners

How to prepare hookah (shisha) for beginners

This is the hookah parts .. And a Piece of foil,toothpick,tobacco(am using blueberry flavor),lighter,water(H2O),coal(small size)

Put some water(H2O) , not too much , where my finger is pointing will be good

Plug-in the hookah body

Plug-in the hose and tray

Now the bowl ..

Fill it in with tobacco , don't put too much , and make sure to spread it

Just like this !

Put the peace of foil ,,

Make it like this ..

It should look like this

Make a small holes with the toothpick

Just like that

Plug-in the bowl to the hookah body

The hookah is ready now

Light the coal you gonna need two pieces of it , depends on the bowl and coal size , ( make sure to do this outside the house )

Wait for the coal to turn red like this

Put the coal on the bowl .. And you are ready to smoke .. Enjoy it ! Make sure to like this Guide and follow me ,, and if you need any help just request for a Guide ..

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