How to set up for pool

How to set up for pool

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First, collect all the balls and the triangle.

Separate out the cue ball.

Put all the balls in the triangle.

Arrange the balls in the triangle so that A) the 1-ball is at the top B) the 8-ball is in the middle and C) the back two corners are 1 striped ball and one solid.

Place the rack so that the 1-ball is directly between the second dots on each side of the table.

For the break, you can place the cue-ball anywhere behind the second dots on the opposite end of the table.

Now, you need to sink your first shot to claim whether you are going to be solids or stripes. In this case, the 1-ball.

You want to hit the cue ball so it contacts the "object ball" directly opposite the pocket you want it to go into.

Continue sinking the balls that you have claimed (solids in this case) until only the 8-ball is left.

For the 8-ball shot, you need to call the pocket that you are aiming for. If you make that shot, you win.

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