How to make multi layer paratha

How to make multi layer paratha

Make a dough using salt, water and wheat floor and take a lemon size ball to roll

Dusting dry wheat floor as you roll as big as possible

On the rolled dough add some oil and salt

Then adf some chilli powder. Add as per your taste . I like it hot so lots of it in mine :)

Then using a spoon or hand spread all over the rolled dough .

Then using a sharp knife cut the rolled dough in squares as shown. The squares should be like 1.5 inchs in size .

The remove the middle onces carefull and layer the one over other but not exactly over each other


When you have used up half of the pieces now layer then face down

Onces all pieces used up dust some flour and carefully invert it

Dust otherside too and carefully with light hands roll it

Dont roll it to the orginal size but half the size

This wont be exactly round but quite likely square shaped. Put it on non stick pan which is at medium heat

Once if you can feel the paratha move. Add a bit of oil and toss it on otherside .

Now using a clean kitchen towel slight press the paratha and rotate it

Add a bit on otherside and flip it back and continues to raost it by slightly pressing and rotating using kitchen towel

You will see layer leaving each other

Serve with curd and indian pickle

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