How to make decoration paper butterflies ;)!

How to make decoration paper butterflies ;)!

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Here's a shot of what you need ; magazine pages, cutter, thread, ruler, pencil , scissors.

Draw a small square using the ruler and pencil , mine is 9 by 9!

Use the cutter to cut off the small square carefully !

Now , using the ruler and the pencil , draw a bigger square .. By 3 cm .. Mine is 12 by 12 !

Repeat step 3 to cut the other square , now you have two squares .

Take the small square and fold it in half .

Fold the square this way ,, as small as possible (lines) ..

Repeat it again to the other half of the square , it should look like this ,.

Leave the small square and get the bigger one .. Do the same thing (folding) .. But now try to make the lines a bit bigger than the one before ..

Now after you fold them they should be looking this way --->

Like this ,, now put them on each other the small on the big ... ....

Put mostly a drop of glue, between both and push hard until dry,,.

Now get your thread and cut 30 cm ,,.

And wrap it around the middle of the butterfly ,,

Open the folded pages and now you've got the shape of the butterfly .. For me ,, I'd like to spray my butterfly with my room's colour ! ,, this way .... ---->

Get newspapers to prevent spraying on the floor or desk .

I chose the red color ,, now start to spray carefully on the butterfly ,.

Leave it until dried .

It should look like this .

Now spray the back ..

This is a sample of the conclusion .. Like if you like it and comment;;)!!

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