How to do vampire makeup for halloween

How to do vampire makeup for halloween

Start with a fondation lighter than your skintone. Apply it all over your face.

Don't forget the neck !

Apply concealer as usual ans sculpt your face with a really light one.

And blend it ! ( with a brush or your fingers )

Add powder to fix everything. Insist on the eyes

With the same color, create a crease from your brows to your nose. Don't worry !

You see ! All blended.

With a black pencil draw a line. It doesn't have to be perfect.

Do the same under your lid

Apply a pink/ purple eyeshadow on your entire lid and blend it.

Do the same under your eyes

And a thin line of black pencil all over your eyes ! But don't blend it this time

And mascara ! We're done for the eyes ! Let's move with the mouth.

Tada !

Or you can be more glamourous. With a dark lip pencil draw your lips and dark the corner

And add red lipstick !

You can add fake blood ! ( lip sticks works too ! ) Or false eyelashes to have a more dramatic look. And that's ok ! Hope you like it and sorry again for my bad English

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