How to cook an egg mcmuffin

How to cook an egg mcmuffin

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To make your very own egg mcmuffin, here are the items you will need, including eggs, bagels, a toaster, a spatula, cheese, and a frying pan!

The first step is to make sure you turn your burner on so the egg will cook!

The second step is to spread butter on your pan so the egg won't stick when you try to remove your egg!

Crack an egg into your frying pan!

While your egg is cooking, put a bagel in the toaster so when your egg is done the bagels will be too!

After the top of the egg cooks all the way over, flip your egg using a spatula!

Cook the other side of the egg!

When the bagel pops out of the toaster, lay cheese on it to give it more flavor.

If you prefer, add bacon to your egg mcmuffin!

The last step is to place the fried egg on top of your bagel, and placing the other side of the bagel on top, making a sandwich. Enjoy your egg mcmuffin!!

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