How to get rid of a headache without medication

How to get rid of a headache without medication

First get some fresh air. Go sit outside if you can. Make sure you drank enough water for the day, the brain needs water especially if you have consumed a lot of coffee during the day.

Be sure to relax your shoulders. Sometimes we tense the neck area without noticing. Tilt your head from side to side to make the blood flow better.

Press with both of your thumbs the spots right below where your eyebrows start. Find the spot that feels like tingling pain when pressed hard. You need to press sort of upward towards the bone.

Press a while and try to stay relaxed in your face muscles and shoulders even though it hurts. Release slowly, and you will already feel better.

Do the same preassure to the acupuncture spot in the middle of your eyebrow, where it (for some people) creates an angle. You might need to look for it a bit, it's where it feels the most sensitive.

Finally find a spot located where your brow ends, there is a sort of a nook or corner created by the brow bone and the bone of your forehead and that is where the acupuncture spot is. Press a while.

You can repeat the process if the head ache still feels bad, but if you relax during the pressing it should at least be a little better :)

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