How to make oven baked chicken

How to make oven baked chicken

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Preheat oven to 350

Place 7 pieces of chicken (leg and thigh) In a deep foil pan

Add pinches of salt and pepper

Shake some of this masala BBQ spice on the chicken. Add as much as you think is enough

Next, add some BBQ spices

Let about 8 drops drop on the chicken

Add cool rubbings BBQ sauce for BBQ flavour

Next add vegetable oil in the pan add a lot so the chicken can broil in the BBQ spice and oil while roasting

Mix with hands until chicken is coated

Finally add a squirt of lemon juice for a little zesty flavour

Place chicken in oven and let it cook until the inside of the chicken is cooked

After 15-20 minutes check on them and see if they looked cooked by taking a fork and opening a piece of the chicken if so flip the chicken to the other side and add more oil on the chicken

Put it in the oven again

After about 10 minutes, take it out of the oven

Take a piece of chicken to see if the inside is white and tender

Place chicken on plate

Add broth. To dip if u like

And voila oven baked BBQ chicken without BBQ sauce. It's less messy and tastes delicious. Ps. Add some lemon juice on chicken( optional). Enjoy!

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