How to make a stuffed pepper with quinoa!

How to make a stuffed pepper with quinoa!

Ouups! Sideways image!

Pre heat your oven to 400•

Cut the top off of your pepper and clean out the inside!

The quinoa I buy needs to soak for 7-10 minutes before I can cook it!

While the quinoa is soaking, chop up the onion!

Toss the onion, and frozen veggies into a fry pan. This time I had some left over mushrooms so I tossed them in too!

Once you've cooked the veggies together, coat with the pasta sauce and place I low heat.

Cook your quinoa.

Once quinoa is cooked put over topic veggies and mix all together! I added a bit of pepper to this one just to try it out!

Stuff pepper with the mix and put in the oven for 25-30 minutes. I set a timer but usually check on it about 15 minutes in!

Let pepper stand about 5 minutes before serving! Taste delicious paired with a side salad!

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