How to make a duct tape flower pen

How to make a duct tape flower pen

Pull up some duct tape and put the pen onto it length wise. This will be your stem, so I chose green :)

Cut right under the bottom of the pen. The next part is what usually ends in small air pockets, so be careful and patient for the next bit

Lay it on a flat-ish surface, apply pressure, and slowly start rolling

Should look smooth, with no pockets. If you have air pockets, you can easily peel up the duct tape and adjust it

Pull up a small tab from your second color. This is going to be your first petal :)

Fold one corner down, leaving room against the edge

Fold the opposite corner down to make a triangle and use the room at the edge to make it stick

Cut the petal off, leaving room at the bottom to stick to the pen

Wrap it around, and you have your first petal and the start of your flower. It's fine if it doesn't look perfect, the first few will be buried among the rest

Repeat steps 5-9, but don't place the tips directly above each other

You can change colors, but I opted not to :) just keep folding!

It should look something maybe like this

Happy flowering :)

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