How to pick a rhinestone different ways

How to pick a rhinestone different ways

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Take your clear polish and drop a little bit

With the tooth pick

Drop it to the polish

And put it on a rhinestone

Then pick it up i don't know what is this but the pick has to be the tooth pick holding a rhinestone

Another way is tweezers

Just pick the rhinestone up

This is an easy way and more popular

Another way is cotton bud

Just dip it on clear polish

And pick the rhinestone

So easy

Put the pin in back eraser of pencil

Dip it on clear polish

Put it on the rhinestone

And pick it up

Get your tape

Take a little bit of it

Put your thumb in the. Sticky part

And put it on the back of the pen

Warp it around the sticky part has to be outside

Get another pease of tap and put your thumb on it

And put it on the top

Pick a rhinestone

So easy picked up

Sorry for my bad pics cos I'm using my iPod touch and the camera is so bad

Thanks for watching hope you like it and enjoy

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