How to make 30 minute mozzarella

How to make 30 minute mozzarella

Wash your hands with soap and water before you start making the mozzarella.

Put milk into pot.

Add and stir in the 1/8 teaspoon of Calcium chloride to the heated milk.

When temperature is 32 degrees. Add one to one half of Rennet Tablet diluted in 1/4 demineralise water and gently stir into the heated milk.

Remove pot from heat and allow the set for five to ten minutes, or until you have a clear break. Curds will then began to form and appear to shrinking and pulling away from the side of the pot.

Cut the curd using a knife that reaches to the bottom of pot. First cut into strips about 2 centimetres wide, then do the same over the original cuts. Then make cuts on an angle as the confines.

Put pot back on heat and heat you curds to 38 to 40 degrees, stirring gently to keep the curds moving around the pot.

Once desired temperature has been reached, remove pot from heat and stir for a few minutes more, to help the curds dispel further (the longer you stir the firmer the curds).

Using a slotted spoon to scoop the curds out. Split into to two bowls to began the draining and kneading stage.

Drain liquid from cheese

After draining the liquid from the cheese microwave for 30 seconds (repeat this step till there is no liquid left).

After microwaved for 30 seconds You then knead the cheese till it smooth and shiny. Add cheese salt and fold into cheese.

The finally product. Enjoy your homemade mozzarella. :D

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