How to make a bb creme

How to make a bb creme

You need: Sun lotion, face lotion/Body lotion, powder, primer, Foundation, concealer, something to mix it with and something to put it in!

Start with putting some Body lotion in the container

You Can Also Add some face creme cause you are putting this in your face!

Now, Add just a little bit of Sun lotion

Add some primer, you dont need to, but i want this to stay ALL day!

Add some Foundation and concealer and Mix it. You dont need to use concealer, i just want it to cover if i have a blemish ir something.

Take a tootpick and scrab some powder to bb creme, and Mix it. Yon dont need to use powder i just want some Matt in it!

I din't want it in this Big a container so i puted it into a smaller container...!

I'm sorry if my english was not as good but i dont come from a contry where i speak english every day, and i am Only 13. So i hope you Could understand it! :)

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