How to make classic homemade italian bolognese sauce

How to make classic homemade italian bolognese sauce

Get it together yo.

Cut bacon into lardons. Sauté over medium till crispy

Add 1/2 of butter, Onion. Add Kosher salt. Sauté on med/low for 10 min

Add remaining veg. Carrot, Celery, Garlic, Serrano. Salt and sauté another 10

Turn heat to med. Move Veg to 1 side of pan Sprinkle beef and uncased sausage with kosher salt and add to other side of pan. Once meat is browned blend all together

Squish tomato's

Add Tomato, Wine, Milk, Thyme. Simmer for 2 hours on low.

2 hrs later.... Bolognese! Check for seasoning.

Use whatever noodle u got. Tonight we had Rigatoni. Make fresh pasta and throw down a classic lasagna Bolognese

Sauce pasta with butter and Bolognese add in parsley and fresh Parmigianno. Serve to the family. Save remaining sauce for tomorrow. Peace JH

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