How to make a little cushion out of an old romper

How to make a little cushion out of an old romper

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First of all lay your romper out flat on a surface and cut in a straight line above the legs

Then cut again in a straight line just under the arms

Pin across in a straight line where you want to sew

I don't have a sewing machine so hand stitched as neatly as possible

When you're done remove pins and trim the edge to make it a bit neater

Do the same with the other edge but leave a 2 inch gap so you can turn inside out and put in the stuffing

Once done, pull it through the 2 inch gap that you left

Add the stuffing, I just used some from an old teddy that I didn't like

Once stuffed carefully and neatly stitch up the gap

And there you have a little cushion

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