How to make stuffed pumpkin in a cob oven

How to make stuffed pumpkin in a cob oven

Make a cob oven and get a fire going inside. Let the fire burn for about 2 hours before you plan to cook to ensure oven is properly heated. Cob ovens use convection, conduction & radiation to heat.

Hollow oat a 2-3 pound heirloom pumpkin with a spoon. Save seeds for roasting and "guts" for compost or chicken/duck food.

Fill empty pumpkin with water, then pour water into measuring bowl. This tells you how much stuffing you'll need to make. For the 2.5 pound pumpkin in this guide, we had 1 1/2 cups of stuffing.

Prep the dry ingredients that you'd like to use. Be creative! Make sure to use some bread or comparable starch to help the stuffing set when cooked.

Whisk together milk, egg and spices in measuring bowl to make sure you don't make too much stuffing. Add bread to wet ingredients & let sit for 10 minutes before adding in other dry ingredients.

Add stuffing to pumpkin & place pumpkin in cast iron skillet. You can either push coals to the sides of cob oven or remove them before cooking. Put pumpkin & other baked items (like bread) in oven.

Insert water-soaked wood oven door to help hold in & even out heat. After about 7-10 minutes bread is done. Our pumpkin took about 15-20 minutes. It's done when stuffing is firm & skin is caramelized.

This is what a stuffed pumpkin baked in a cob oven should look like when done. Let it rest at least 20 minutes before cutting or serving.

Slice into pieces and serve!

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