How to make chiles rellenos

How to make chiles rellenos

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Get your tomatoes, chile de Arbol, California/new Mexico chile. Only do this step if u r using my tomato sauce. U can use any sauce to top if off, or eat as is without sauce.

Put in blender with 3/4 cup water

Add to saucepan and bring to a boil.

Add about 1 tablespoon of chicken bouillon (or less)

Add a little under 1/4 teaspoon of salt, or less if u like. When it boils lower heat and simmer about 10 mins.

Put your Pasilla chiles in oven to broil. U can always do it on an open flame but I have a electric range that's y I do it in the oven

Add ground beef in pan and cook with a little salt. Or u can skip this step if u just want to make them with cheese.

Cook meat all the way

Turn to other side and broil the other side

Should look like this when they r done

Now either put them in a plastic bag, or put in plate and cover with plastic wrap. For about 5 mins.

That steam will make it easier to peel off the skin.

Cut your cheese while u wait

Now take your chiles and peel off the skin.

Should look like this when the skin is off. Now lets take out the seeds from the inside. With a knife cut like shown on the pic

For me it's easier to do it this way but u can do it any way u find it easier for u.

All the seeds cleaned out

I like to add cheese in the bottom

Then I add some ground beef. But u can always just make them with cheese. Or any filling u like. I like them with chicken and cheese as a stuffing as well.

Then I add more cheese. So that I have cheese all over the inside. Stuff the rest of your chiles.

I forgot to take a pic of these step. Heat a pan with oil give or take about 1/3 cup. You can add more if u need to.

Now lets separate the egg whites from the yolks.

Keep the yolks we will b using them

Beat your egg whites, u can use a hand mixer as well.

Now one by one add your egg yolks.

It's all mixed. I like to use one egg per Pasilla chile. You can use less if you like. I just like to have enough batter.

Now lets flour our chiles, carefully, you can add toothpicks to hold in place if u like.

I just do it with my hand to cover with flour

Now put in egg batter and put in your pan with oil

Put in carefully that u don't get burn.

Leave about a minute on each side until golden

Turn carefully and cook

Turn again and and cook until all egg is fully cooked

Put in plater and do the rest of them

Here they are

Now u can add sauce of your liking or use the one with this recipe.

Or just eat without sauce. Whatever u prefer they will b delicious. Hope u enjoy them.

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