How to create a good photo edit

How to create a good photo edit

Start by selecting any photo of your choice to edit. For this I am using a shot of the city.

Now open up Snapseed which is free in the Apple Store.

Once you have it opened upload your picture. You can crop and tune to your liking using the "Selective Adjust" and "Tune Image".

As you can see I have tuned the picture using the tuning tools. If you want to you can use the wonderful effects in Snapseed. I prefer saving my edited image and then uploading it into Deluxe FX.

Now go ahead and open your picture in Deluxe FX (99ยข). You can also use Insta Effect (Free), yet I prefer Deluxe FX. In this app there are many stunning filters and effects to use from.

Once you have it open and upload your photo there is a wide range of effects and overlays. I used the Ocean effect and C-Bokeh. Now you can save your pic and brag about your skillful photography.

This step is optional but you can add or overlay text on your photo by simply opening the app, which is free, and just overlaying it.

I added this text using Instafonts. I will not use this text as my final photo edit. I am using the one with no text. Using Instafonts is also great way to add style to your photo.

So I hope this guide will show you how to go from this ...

To this! Have fun with your new photography skills!

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