How to grow hair long fast

How to grow hair long fast

NO heat at all and If you have to use a blow dryer with an diffuser

Shampoo your hair with natural materials

Make sure the shampoo is sulfate free. That is important so there are no chemicals

Use a growth oil once a week so that it will have nutrients to grow

This conditioner is good because it thickens, can make it healthier and lengthen your hair

When you are washing your hair and put in the conditioner this is a good time to detangle your hair so it doesn't break your hair

Use this also once a week and after a month maybe twice a month. Keratin is great for your hair but in moderation so use it only when needed

Use a 100% cotton shirt to dry your hair it will leave your hair with less frizz

Put this on your scalp and massage gently then bring down to your roots for damaged hair

This is great for curling your hair it doesn't make it feel hard also no sulfates and can be used for color treated hair

This is also great because it gives you moisture sign oils and shine

If you ever need a conditioner and a leave in conditioner this is great because all the things it can do for your hair

Moisture is a must for day after curls you shouldn't wash your hair everyday only every two or three any products from this line is great to use for curly hair

Every couple of hours you can spritz your hair with water because it uses a lot of water to keep it healthy

Argon oil is great for your hair

But make sure it is all natural if it is not the first or second ingredient don't use it the first and second should be water

When you sleep try using the pineapple method when you wake up it lays flat again

Do not use cotton or other pillowcases that are not silk or satin because it can pull on your hair

For more references look in this book

You can also use this book too they are alike but different

Drink water!!!

Try biotin for healthy hair, skin and nails but make sure you drink water some side effects are breakouts in your face

Use clips so you don't damage your hair

If you use hair ties only tie once and try not to put it in the same place every time because it will break the hair in that place

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