How to recycle old clothing into new creations

How to recycle old clothing into new creations

This guide is going to be loosely formatted, and is meant to be more of a guide for new ideas than a list of instructions to follow.

Pick your unwanted clothing. I choose a vest my grandma gave me. It was too big and not really my style, but I liked the pattern.

The vest had little pins that I choose to take out- however I reuse them later.

Once they were all out I began work on the next step.

I knew I wanted to make a clutch out of the fabric and I really liked the look of this bag, so I used it for inspiration.

Next I drew a loose format of what I wanted the bag to look like, keeping in mind the embellishments that had been on the vest.

I drew a second picture and gave myself some loose ideas for the dimensions of the clutch.

Then I went to pinning and cutting out my design!

Time to sew it together!

I added the top flap of the clutch...

Then it was simply a matter of adding the embellishments! I finished that off in no time and....

There's my finished product!

Don't forget the most important part of this is creativity and imagination, so don't be afraid to try something that seems out of your skill level. Good luck and please comment!

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