How to make cilantro-lime guacamole

How to make cilantro-lime guacamole

I'm going to start with a guide within a guide. Here is how to properly core an avocado...

Take your knife and starting from the top, cut in just to the seed and then run a line around the whole avocado.

Twist the avocado and pull the two halves apart.

Take a spoon and run it just under the seed, twisting all the way around until it pops out. Try to hug as close to the seed as possible so you don't lose too much avocado meat.

Alternatively, using your knife blade, chop lightly into the seed and twist the seed loose. I prefer this method, but not everyone is comfortable using a knife like this.

Get your spoon and run it just between the skin and the meat. Similar to filleting a fish, you want to let the utensil do all the work. As long as your avocado is ripe, this should be very easy.

And there you have it. Two large Hess avocados cored and ready to go. :)

Now on to the guacamole...

To your avocado, add the onions...

And your chunked Roma tomatoes...

Then add your cilantro and squeeze in your lime juice (only the juice; no seeds). Right about now, your mouth is probably watering from all the fresh ingredients. Don't worry, it's totally normal.

Top it all off with your salt and pepper (and minced peppers if you're using them).

All that's left is to mash everything together using a potato masher.

Make sure everything gets mixed thoroughly. It will taste delicious immediately, but if you cover it, stick it in the fridge, and let it sit for 15 min, the flavors will meld together beautifully.

Serve it as a dip with chips, or on the side with some grilled chicken quesadillas and sour cream. I could seriously eat this guacamole by itself with a spoon, it's so good!

Got an idea for a guide? Message me. And while you're here, check out my other guides. Enjoy!

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