How to make mexican tostadas tingua

How to make mexican tostadas tingua

Cooked chicken cool and pull apart I prefer chicken brest

Place the chipotles chiles,garlic,onions,salt, a little water

Blend well

In a pan place sliced onions with oil to grill lightly

When the onions are grilled add your pulled apart chicken then

Add the Chipotle sauce to the grilled chicken then

Simmer for about 12 minutes

Blend your favorite beans and heat moving often over low heat

corn tostadas

Spread beans on the tostada like this then add

Your Tingua then add

Sour cream

Lettuce finely cut

Fresh Mexican cheese graded

Lettuce and Mexican cheese then add

Sour cream and enjoy

Watch the video: How To Make Chicken Tostadas by Rockin Robin (December 2021).