How to make cute nails:)

How to make cute nails:)

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Gather your supplies. Chose any colors you like. Make sure that they give a good contrast.

Use the transparent polish as basecoat. This will protect your natural nails. Let it dry.

Add the first color. I chose pink because it reminds me of candy and I LOVE candy;)

Grab your sticky tape. This is the most annoying part... But it's really worth it! It prevents your fingers from getting colored;)

You use 3 tapes: put the first like this. Always as close to the nail as you can.

Tapes nr. 2&3....

Then stick the ends together and it will look somehow like this.

Tadaaaaa... XD

Let it dry for a moment, then remove the tape and clean your fingers, if there is some polish on them and put on transparent polish as topcoat:) there you gooooo:D have fun!!

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. Just try it out and have fun!:) please tell me what you think about it! Love Ellie

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