How to construct a cardboard glider

How to construct a cardboard glider

Materials Used - A few pieces of Cardboard - Silver Spray Paint - 4 Skewers - Permanent Maker - PVA glue - Scissors

Connect 4 skewers together, wrapping sticky tape around them for security. Afterwards, cut out two long hemisphere shapes out of cardboard for the wings.

Then, cut out two smaller hemisphere shapes and a plane point out of the remaining cardboard like so.

As you can see, these cardboard pieces are used in the position of the plane like this.

Grab your silver spray paint, or what ever colour you'd prefer. Make sure you go onto a spacious, grassy area.

Spray paint your individual glider pieces gently, don't spray it to close to the cardboard. Make sure you flip the cardboard around once you have successfully painted a side.

Whilst waiting for the spray paint to dry, you have the option to create a cute little flag for your glider, or any other extras.

Assemble your glider pieces to the appropriate area, strongly glueing it down with PVA glue.

Wait a few minutes for it to dry, attaching extra sticky tap if it want stick securely. Glue on your flag, or other decorations.

Be careful with your glider, and patiently wait a few minutes for it to settle and dry. When you and the glider are ready, go outside and test it out!

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