How to paint orca with your fingers

How to paint orca with your fingers

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Supplies needed. Xbox controller wasn't used though :)

Prime your canvas with liquid white and a touch of blue for an arctic cold start.

Take some Phalo Blue and white on your large chip brush.

Small X patterns to paint the sky blue, then blend it out with light horizontal strokes.

Add titanium white to your fan brush and add random cloud patterns like so.

You should end with a cloud pattern like so.

Use the corner of your clean chip brush and blend the clouds with small circles.

Mix blue and crimson together to get a deep purple. Add some to your palette knife and start your mountain range with vertical scrapes.

Your mountain range should be knifed in like so. Now, for your fingers!

Scrub a dub your mountain range from the top down. We are now 3 deep - sky, cloud, mountain.

Time to create snow. Highlights first, get some white on the end of your knife.

Gently lay the knife on the summit and let the teeth of the canvas take what it wants. DO NOT PUSH! Let the paint break as it wishes.

Add a little blue to your mix and do the opposite sides for snow shadow.

Start to add icy water with some Phalo Blue.

Switch the foreground to Prussian Blue for depth. All done with your chip brush.

Add some liquid white to your palette knife for the waves crashing the land.

Take your dark mix back on your knife for rocks.

Highlight them and add waves with your fan brush.

Scrape away paint with your knife in the shape of your whale. Use your pinky to block in the shape.

Clean pinky and add white.

Second coat of black and white.

With liquid white on your fan brush, dab in some waves. Then spring the brush off of your knife to sling the spray onto the canvas.

More spray.

Sign the corner with your pinky.

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