How to make green tea summer cooler

How to make green tea summer cooler

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Boil enough water to fill a pitcher. Took me about two times of filling this to fill the pitcher.

We steeped three green tea bags for about 5 minutes. Add a lime be sure to squeeze it before putting it in. Tea is still hot.

Peel some ginger to taste.

Close up if ginger

Chop it up finely. But not to much, we don't want it to fit through a strainer.

Add to tea lime mixture

I went out to my little patio garden and grabbed some lavender, mint, and lemon basil!

Put it on the same cutting board using the same knife, in a nice little bunch of leaves.

After chopping it nice and small add it to the tea mixture.


Let cool for about an hour before adding ice.

Add as much sugar/sugar sub as you prefer. I only used one small packet of truvia <3

Grab your favourite cup, fill it with ice, and pour in the cooler!

This is not an exact science, this is me having too much tea, too many lemons and an herb garden!!! Add everything to taste ^ ^

Enjoy! Please leave any suggestions revisions or reviews below! Comments are definitely appreciated!

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