How to make wholesome curry meal from scratch

How to make wholesome curry meal from scratch

1) prepare hard-boiled eggs

Put 2 eggs and plenty of salt into pot

Half-cover the eggs with water

With lid on, turn the heat on until water boils. Then lower the heat to very low and leave for 10 minutes.

Drain water and keep aside

2) make rice

Im using this

Around 1/2 cup of rice for 2 servings. Im using rice cooker.

Rinse and drain water until water is no longer cloudy. It usually takes 3 rinses.

For the rice im using, it takes less water compared to Basmati Rice. I'm covering the rice with 1cm level of water. Make sure the rice covers the base of rice cooker evenly.

With switch off, im soaking the rice in water for at least half an hour for good texture.

You can prepare other ingredients while waiting.

After 30 minutes, you can see the rice has soaked up the water slightly.

With lid on, switch it on and 'cook'

While rice is cooked, leave on 'warm' mode to keep it warm and meanwhile prepare the rest.

3) Make curry

Garlic i bought today. Quite angry to find out they are sprouted.

But i managed to remove the sprouts out.

Chop them


Peel and chop

Chili. Chop

Tomato. Chop it

Chopped carrots

Chopped carrots and tomatoes

Chop onion

2 washed chicken drumsticks

Bought fresh potato. Happy

Cut them

On a flat pan, coat with generous amount of oil. Put potatoes

Make sure stove is very hot

Put the pan on

Within seconds you can see oil gets hot

Flip it after around 1 minute when you see the colour changes.

After another minute remove and put on kitchen towel. We only wanna partially-cook the potato

Put another piece of kitchen towel on top and press gently with chopsticks/fork to soak oil

Remove the kitchen oil to prevent sticking. Keep aside

Do the same with sausage

Cut it into pieces

Same oil used to fry potatoes

Very hot stove

Put it on

Flip after one minute

When it is crispy like this

Add onion

Let onion cook

And remove drain. Keep aside

Prepare at least 300mL of hot water.

In a pot. Add around 10mL of oil

Fry the garlic, ginger and chili

Add chopped tomatoes and carrots

Add curry powder, cumin powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder, bay leaves, cinnamon sticks (tap supply list to see quantity)

Mix on medium-high heat

Add 150mL of hot water. Mix

Put lid on

Wash green cabbage leaves

Tear them into smaller size

After boiling for 5 minutes

Put in the chicken drumsticks

Add in the cabbage leaves

Add enough water to cover the drumsticks

With lid on, let it boil to cook the chicken for 15 minutes

Add in the fried potato. Mix. With lid on let it boil for another 10minutes

Make sure chicken is cooked.

Remove them so that meat remains tender

Add in the fried onions and sausage


Add in coconut powder and salt to taste


Keep the heat on.

Look at the fluffy rice. Scoop onto plate

Remove shells from hard-boiled egg, add on some cucumbers, and most importantly serve with curry which is cooked from scratch! Have a good try :)

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