How to save marigold seeds

How to save marigold seeds

After a flower has lived out its days and has started to wilt, it's time to harvest seeds! Cut the stem before the leaves.

Store the spent flowers in a dry place for a few days (or longer) so they dry out well.

Label a small ziplock bag or envelope with your variety of plant so you know what seeds you have next year.

Alternatively, you could just cut the extra floral material off.

It should look like this afterwards.

Next, make a tear in the remains.

Dump the seeds inside your bag or envelope.

The dark fat seeds are viable and the colorless skinny seeds did not get pollinated and will not grow. Most marigolds attract pollinators and make excellent seeds.

Leave the bag a little open for several weeks to prevent mold from growing and destroying future seedlings.

Grow cute little marigold seedlings next year!

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