How to rewrap a tennis racket's grip

How to rewrap a tennis racket's grip

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Get a grip. They usually come in packs of 3 and each grip has the grip tape wrapped around it

Take the tape off and save it for later. Unroll the grip.

Peel the clear plastic off the grip

One end of the grip will have a sticky piece to peel off. This is the end you start with

Start at the very bottom of the grip. The grip should have a small sticky patch to show you which side to put on the racket

Wrap the grip around the handle. Leave a little bit of overlap each rotation so the the grip cannot unwind

Wrap it tightly all the way to the top of the handle..

You can cut off any extra or just wrap the grip around an extra time at the top. I like to cut mine at an angle so it fits better.

Take the backing off the grip tape and use it to secure the top of the grip

All nice and tight!

Now you have a beautiful, clean grip on your tennis racket!

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