How to make delicious applesauce

How to make delicious applesauce

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These are the ingredients and tools you will need to create applesauce.

Peel all your apples with a peeler. Do not put your fingers near the peeler when you are peeling the apples.

Cut each apple into four large pieces.

Chop the pieces into 1cm cubes.

Pop the apple pieces into the saucepan, add a table spoon of cinnamon, two table spoon of honey (or as much as you like). Cook on medium heat for about 12 min or until the apple pieces are soft.

Take the pan off the heat, use a fork to mash the apple pieces until saucy and mushy.

Turn the heat low. Cook for another minute or two.

I like to store in the fridge before serving, but it also taste delicious if you serve it hot. As you can see, applesauce are easy to make, healthy and the result is amazing. Give it a try!

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