How to cook a quick, healthy and tasty omelette

How to cook a quick, healthy and tasty omelette

Crack your 3 eggs into a Pyrex jug and whisk with a fork. Season with salt and pepper if desired.

Mix together until fully combined.

Prepare your vegetables. Cut and slice (into small pieces) the desired amount of onion and bell pepper, there is no need to use all of the vegetable here. Gather the small tomatoes also.

Add the vegetables to a small frying pan with a gulg of olive oil, fry on a medium or low heat for a few minutes.

Fry your vegetables until the onion has browned and the pepper/tomatoes have softened.

Add your egg mixture

Manipulate the edges of the mixture so that the forming omelette doesn't burn.

When the omelette has taken a rigid form remove from the heat. The mixture on top will still be runny.

Place under a hot grill for a few minutes to cook the top of the omelette,

Serve with some baby leaf salad, some low fat soft cheese and salsa, for a quick and delicious meal! Enjoy!

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