How to make a prawn entree swedish midsummer style

How to make a prawn entree swedish midsummer style

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Put the bread in the food processor.

It should look like when you crumble digestive biscuits...

I accidentally didn't remove the edges but do that to get it smoother.

Melt the butter.

Mix the bread crumbs with the melted butter.

Use this kind of pan!

Use your hand or a spoon to spread out the breadcrumbs and butter mix evenly. Then put in the fridge for at least 1 hour.

In a bowl, mix curd cheese and cream cheese.

Add finely chopped dill.

Thaw the prawns. These are already peeled and pre-cooked (not by me though). Squeeze them through a mesh to get rid if the excess water.

Do the same with the crayfish tails.

Chop both the prawns and the crayfish tails, either by hand or in a food processor. Then mix the seafood with the cheese mix.

Like so. Here I added the mayonnaise.

Evenly spread the seafood mix on top of the breadcrumbs. Put in the fridge again, over night or at least for a couple of hours to allow it to "set".

It looks more yellow here but it's the pour lighting. Take it out from the fridge and decorate it with prawns and fish roe.

Also add sliced lemon and fresh dill. The "cake" can either be served as an entree or on a buffet.


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