How to make marble peanut butter cups

How to make marble peanut butter cups

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Gather your supplies

Put the milk chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan of hot ( not boiling) water

Stir until its nice and smooth

Using a teaspoon pour the chocolate into your mini cups ( there should be chocolate left over, you will need this later )

Next you need to refrigerate them

Whilst the cups are cooling put the peanut butter, sugar and butter into a bowl over hot water

Keep stirring until nice and smooth

Once the cups are cool enough take them out of the fridge and with a teaspoon place a generous amount of the peanut butter mix on top of the chocolate

Then refrigerate

Next you need to melt the white chocolate

Stir until smooth

Once the cups are cool again pour some of the left over milk chocolate on top and then pour a small amount of white chocolate on top of that

With a cocktail stick gently mix the chocolate together to create a swirled marble effect

Place the finished cups back in the refrigerator and leave for a good hour or so to cool

And there you have it! Beware these are very addictive!


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