How to make cedar plank grilled salmon

How to make cedar plank grilled salmon

Simple is best when grilling salmon. This recipe uses few ingredients in small amounts so the natural taste of the fish is not covered up.

Start by soaking the cedar plank for at least 30 minutes. This will allow the planks to not catch fire while grilling. Do this step while your charcoal is getting ready.

Arrange the coals to one side for indirect grilling.

After soaked, sprinkle some sea salt on the top of the plank. The salt will be soaked up through the skin for more flavor.

Common ingredients. Simple!

Arrange the filets on the cedar plank anyway you like and sprinkle with sea salt and ground pepper.

Add the butter and lemon juice in a coffee cup or other container and melt in the microwave.

Set the fillets on the grill on the opposite side of the coals and brush with the butter lemon baste.

Halfway through the cooking time, about 8-10 minutes, brush more butter lemon mixture.

After 20-30 minutes, the fillets will be done. Cooking time may vary depending on grill temp and thickness of fillets. An internal temperature of 145 degrees is recommended.

Enjoy with some steamed veggies and cornbread.

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