How to use a digital camera

How to use a digital camera

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This is our Canon PowerShot A1300

Put your thumb at the bottom of the camera and your pointer finger at the top. Make sure you don't cover the lens with your fingers!

This is the on and off button. Press it once.

You will notice the lens pop out to take a picture.

Press the top button to capture a picture. Only press it once because it only takes a second!

To view gallery, press this button here.

This button is how you record a video.

To Erase, press the button that looks like a trash can. After that, you need to press erase on the screen by using the icon on the right. Then hit the center to confirm.

The lever around the shutter button is how you zoom in and out to capture a closer picture.

Those are the main functions of the Canon PowerShot A1300. Thank you.

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