How to make tater platz

How to make tater platz

Peel enough potatoes to feed the amount of people you're serving. Figure one good sized tater for each person.

Cut into approximately the same sized pieces directly into a pot of water enough to cover them.

Boil until just tender. If they are over-cooked they will be watery.

Drain and put in a mixing bowl.

Mash with enough butter to flavor. About a tablespoon per potato.

Add chicken broth or bouillon while mashing. About a tablespoon per potato. You could stop here and you would have great mashed potatoes. (My daughter says we need to add milk to make it creamy).

Chop onion. About one medium onion per four medium potatoes.

Fry onion in some olive oil.

Shred cabbage. About one cup for every two potatoes. If you're using kale, chop it up small. Add to the frying onions and fry until the onion is translucent and the cabbage or kale is cooked.

Add to mashed potatoes and mix well. At this point you could stop and have a tasty Irish Colcannon to use as a side dish.

Add enough fine breadcrumbs to make the mixture moldable and not too sticky. These are the breadcrumbs that I saved from making homemade croutons. (Another guide).

Take a small amount and roll it into a ball.

Flatten into about 1/2 inch thick patties.

Fry in olive oil. Too much oil and the tater platz will fall apart. Too little oil and they won't brown up crispy. (This was a little too much oil)

Oh Yeah, these are looking good! They're really tasty with any meal, breakfast, lunch or dinner. Top them with grated cheese or sour cream or applesauce like Platzkes or Latkes.

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