Create Yourself a DIY Aquarium for Your Underwater Friends

Create Yourself a DIY Aquarium for Your Underwater Friends

If you are looking to get yourself a pet, there is nothing easier to take care of than a fish. But what happens when you only have panes of glass and no fish tank? Well, you make yourself a fish tank of course! YouTuber Navin Khambhala has been creating awesome projects for some time not, and this time he creates a glass fish tank as well as all the necessary equipment needed to keep the fish alive.

Perhaps the hardest part about building a fish tank is creating a watertight and transparent basin for all of the fish. Once this is accomplished, though, there is a little more work to do. You will also need to create a bubbler of sorts to keep the oxygen saturation levels in the water at a point where the fish can thrive. This is essential if you want your fish to survive for any extended period of time. You can also add plants to help filter the water and stones and other decoration to give the fish something to swim around.

[Image Source: Navin Khambhala]

If you aren't in the DIY mood, you can always go out and buy a fish tank at your local pet store, but where's the fun in that?

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