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Chinese Construction Workers Brawl with Bulldozers

Chinese Construction Workers Brawl with Bulldozers

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Sometimes arguments with coworkers can happen, but usually they don't end in a demolition derby style fight between multiple bulldozers. Police in China report that a fight between construction workers resulted in a head to head brawl between several heavy machines. The dangerous event ended in the flipping of one of the dozers and the destruction of a few others. Luckily for us, the event was recorded and published to youtube, can you guess which dozer is going to win the fight?

The fight broke out between two companies competing for business on the job site, and it got intense fast. Not much information has been released about the specifics of the event outside of the short police report and the video seen above.

This argument and the intense fight is likely the result of China's struggling construction industry, as demand has decreased drastically in recent years, causing many companies to become more aggressive with their tactics. According to Fox News, the real estate sector represents around 25 percent of the Chinese job market, so the fact that it is failing is causing detrimental effects to the countries economy.

The next time you get a little upset with your coworker and happen to have access to a bulldozer, please don't take advantage of the capability to get into a demolition derby dozer fight. Future employers generally don't accept 'bulldozer fight' as the reason you left your last job.

Watch the video: Video: Rival construction companies get into bulldozer street fight in China (August 2022).